Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Topbox - December

A look inside my December Topbox.
$12 a month CAD

Chloe – EDP 5ml
 Here is a perfume that I always get numerous compliments on.  It is light and fresh with a powdery rose scent that never overwhelms on me.  I find it to be very feminine and a great daytime perfume that always puts a smile on my face every time I spray it.

Ferro Cosmetics – Suzie’s Glow Mineral Blush

This is a brand founded by Celebrity Makeup Artist Krissy Ferro.  Don’t worry, I had the same question….WHO?!  Ferro’s makeup is 100% natural mineral makeup and cruelty free.  I honestly can’t give this blush a fair review as the jar is so tiny that it becomes very concentrated in one spot on my blush brush.  I found this made it terribly hard to blend.  According to their website, this is the most popular shade with cool berries and warm peaches all mixed into one shade that perfectly matches everyone.  I didn’t find that it suited me at all.  Packaging was also boring...filter required!

Goldwell – Jelly Boost 30ml 

This is an easy to use spray gel for creating instant body and texture for short or long hair styles.   I sprayed onto my towel dried hair right at the roots where I wanted the most volume.  I found it had a light, pleasant smell, caused no buildup and did give me some extra volume with no residue.  I would definitely recommend giving this a try if you want some extra va va voom. 

Kellett Skincare – Clarifying Acne Treatment 3ml X 2 sachets
 This product contains 5% Benzoyl Peroxide which clears the pores, increases cell turnover and is antimicrobial, therefore helping to reduce P. acnes bacterial which is the bacteria that causes the dreaded pimple.  This is the reason it is a top choice for acne sufferers.  I would have preferred a lower concentration of this product as I found the 5% to be extremely irritating on my skin.  I placed a small amount on the side of my cheek in the evening before bed, where I commonly get my monthly flare-ups.  Come morning, I was red and irritated.  You could completely see the exact area where the cream was placed as it was very red and a little swollen.   Research has also shown that 5% or 10% benzoyl peroxide is not significantly more effective than 2.5%, while 2.5% is much better tolerated.  Dr. Lisa Kellett owns a fancy skin care facility on swanky Avenue Road in Toronto.  If Benzoyl Peroxide is something you want to try for your acne blemishes, then I suggest going to any Shoppers and grabbing one of the multitude of other benzoyl peroxide products which will probably run you under $10.  This one goes for $75, and unless you want the pretty silver bottle sitting on your vanity, benzoyl peroxide is benzoyl peroxide.  Also be careful when using benzoyl peroxide as it is a bleaching agent, and will cause fabrics like your pillow case or towel to loose colour on contact. 

All in all, a pretty underwhelming box from Topbox this month.  Let's spice it up a little, or my subscription will be cancelled.  If they keep this up, clearly I won't be missing much.

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