Thursday, February 28, 2013

Birchbox January

Birchbox January 2013

Harvey Prince – Skinny Chic

Keep your energy levels high, (and fight cravings to boot) with this zesty blend of apple, mint and lotus blossom.  Really….???  A perfume that helps you lose weight.  I wouldn’t buy it or believe it.  The only thing this perfume did to control my weight was give me such a strong headache that I felt sick and couldn't eat.  But that is normally what annoying citrus perfumes do to me.  So predictable. 

LASHEM – Measurable Difference Lash Gel Serum
Made with nourishing goji berry extracts and fortifying biotin, this derm-approved serum gives you longer, thicker lashes.  Use once a day on eyebrows or lashes.  This teeny, tiny bottle will never be enough to see a difference as these lash serums normally take 6 weeks to see full potential.  In the case of lash serums, go for the gold and get the Latisse.  That truly works….tried and tested and you will have amazingly, long, thick lashes.

Number 4 – Clarifying Shampoo 52ml
A staple in my hair care regimen as I only shampoo once weekly.  My first shampoo is always a clarifying shampoo to remove my weeks work of product build up and bugs.  Joking, but there is a lot of hairspray grime.  Clarifying shampoo is good for everyone though.  I just got Glamma going on one as lately she has found her hair to be acting out with increase oil and all around 'blah' due to medication.  This shampoo was extremely gentle and had little suds.  Will I go out of my way and try to find a clarifying shampoo I have never heard of….no.  I will stick to my Neutrogena or Redken and continue my weekly ritual.

theBalm cosmetics – Hot Mama 1g
This is a two-in-one blush and highlighter.  I must say that this IS a universally flattering blush with a golden shimmer that highlighted my olive complexion.  Nars Orgasm (a cult favorite) does not do well on my skin but this worked just lovely.  This can also can be used on the eyelids.  Made me look just peachy. 

Fresh – Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream 2ml X 2 sachets
I try to like Fresh products, I really do but I fail every time.  My biggest disappointment with them to date is their soy cleanser which always gets great reviews but smell and performance just doesn't work for me.  This product has a faint cucumber smell and while it did hydrate I have a difficult time using just one product out of a line.

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