Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ipsy (MyGlam) December

A look inside my Ipsy (MyGlam) December Bag

$10 a month CAD

This month was all makeup samples in this bag, and I had absolutely no problem with that!  They were all in a pretty pewter makeup bag perfect for stashing my brushes when travelling!

Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil – Zero (black) 0.8g

What can I say…a line loved by many and I am one of the many!   Gently glides on to the lash line with such ease that the skin around the eyes is not stretched in any way.  Also has great staying power for the water line.  Sharpens beautifully and this is the only eyeliner one could ever need!

Mai Couture – Highlighter Paper – St. Barts – 25 sheets
Mai oh Mai, I love this stuff!!!  This is probably the most exciting thing I have EVER received in any beauty box to date.  And what I love even more is how I have never heard of this brand before and love it all the same!  This is the same idea as oil-blotting sheets however these papers are used for highlighting.  How to highlight….tear one sheet from the booklet, lightly press and sweep paper to desired areas of the face and body.  This gives a beautiful warm glow!  They have blush papers, highlighting papers, foundations papers, blotting papers, blemish control papers, rejuvenating papers and I want them ALL!  Blushing AMAZING!

Mirabella – Primer for Eyes & Lips 12.85g

GlamMa sampled this one as she is the expert on primers.  She loved the silky smooth texture it had, not heavy in any way and a perfect base for her foundation.  Her most common complaint is that primers go on with a heavy Vaseline type feeling.  GlamMa even mentioned that her pore size decreased which in itself is enough for her to repurchase.  She especially liked how it was an all in one that could be used on face and eyes and it didn’t cause any breakouts!

Nyx Loose Pearl Eyeshadow – 17 Yellow Gold Pearl 5ml

A lovely, golden loose shimmer for the eyes, but unfortunately my disco days are long gone.  Maybe I will gift to GlamMa and she can go wild!

Be a….Bombshell – Hot Mess Lip Gloss 3g (full size)
Not much to say…it was red.  Not so fast…. hold on a minute Miss Blushie….Hot Mess might be one to reconsider.   I was going to stop this review completely after my first sentence however decided to check the website of be a…bombshell.  I scrolled down to the reviews, and discovered that many girls also received Hot Mess in their Ipsy Bags.  To my utter shock, everyone had nothing but great things to say!  I read again and again that it was THE PERFECT red.  Decided then and there that I would twist that cap off and puckered up!  I was very surprised…could it be??!  A red, that looked good on me??  Yes, it’s true, I did look quite nice.  Nice texture, no smell and best of all Beauty Man said I looked beautiful….aaahhhh!


  1. Love the reviews!!! Keep them coming!

  2. Me too!
    Keep them coming!

  3. I will definitely try the primer recommended by GlamMa. Any primer that can be used on both face and eyes and decreases pore size is worth trying. Wish me luck!
    Love reading the reviews.